2018 Toyota 4Runner Redesigned

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2018 Toyota 4Runner Redesigned – As a North American version of Hilux Surf, Toyota manufactures and exports large SUVs with export specifications under the name of “2018 Toyota 4Runner  (Four runner)”. Unfortunately “Hilux Surf” ended in Japan domestically in 2009, but the “4 runner” was fully remodeled to the 5th generation, and sales continue as an overseas strategic car I will. As of now, it is also possible to purchase in Japan if it is in the form of reverse imports, so I like traditional SUVs, it is a gem that I recommend for people who are unsatisfactory with recent crossover SUVs.

4Runners North American version Hilux Surf

2018 Toyota 4Runner  Review The Hilux Surf which was under development and production jointly with Toyota, led by Hino Motors, was domestically sold until August 2009. It was absorbed by Land Cruiser Prado who refrained from model change, 41 years as Hilux and Hilux Surf as the 26th year history was closed, but its genealogy continues to live as a 4Runner (Forerunner) overseas monopoly.

Originally based on the Hilux of the compact pickup truck, FRP shell was placed and sold under the car name “Winnebago Trekker” as a mini RV, the concept of Hilux Surf was completed. After that, we took in “Winnebago · Trekker” and changed the car name to the North American version “4 runner” of the original Hilux Surf (1983 ~ 1989) and sales began.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Redesigned

Hilux Surf (= 4 runners) will be a huge popular car in the North American market, as well as in the domestic market, a full model change to the 5th generation “20 runners” in 2014 , And evolved into a car full of charm enough to say that “the new 4 runner is one of the most advanced as a mid-size 2018 Toyota 4Runner SUV based on pickup trucks.”

2018 Toyota 4Runner Redesigned Review

The appearance design keeps the Square form of Hilux Surf tradition, while the stronger atmosphere is emphasized with large diameter tires, wheels, wide fenders and so on. It is a stylish and well-designed design, and a sharp smoke head lamp is a front design that gives a stronger impact. As a whole, it seems that it can be said to be the evolutionary system of the 4th runner of the previous era, it is finished to feel the tradition that it is rather unreasonable to say that it is rather hard to keep quality vigor.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Redesigned Review

2018 Toyota 4Runner Specs With a V-type 6-cylinder 4.0 L engine, the maximum output of 274 ps / 5,600 rpm, the maximum torque of 38.4 kgf · m / 4, 400 rpm, and the transmission has been adopted for four-wheel drive vehicles and rear wheel drive vehicles for many years ECT-i 5 speed AT was equipped. Riding comfort is surprisingly smooth, quietness is high, it feels slightly swaying beyond big deco boko, etc. Handling also reacts more accurately than you might imagine. Even when looking at it from the running, the body of the frame ladder structure became sophisticated enough not to notice.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Redesigned

2WD and 4WD are prepared as the driving method, the 4WD system is equipped with part-time transfer, and it is possible to make full time 4WD by locking the center differential. Proof that it is just a car developed for off road, the downhill assist control which is equipped as standard is effective even on the slope of a muddy and it seems that it will definitely demonstrate its power even on a snow road. 2WD (FR) is an automatic limited slip differential “with auto LSD”.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Engine The grade is composed of three types of base grade SR 5, off-load emphasis Trail (only set for 4 WD), and top grade Limited.

SR 5 is practical while texture is very high, and the steering fine materials are used by the present leather material is used. Equipped with “Entune” audio plus system, 6.1 inch HD screen, rear view camera, stereo compatible with CD / Sirius XM, HD radio, and an improved voice command system.

Trail is the seat fabric is made in fabric or SoftTex synthetic leather, front seat power seat, the Entune audio system have been added, such as navigation systems and Gracenote is.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Redesigned Release

Limited leather seats with ventilation holes in is equipped with front seat is a heater with a ventilated seat. The Enture system is upgraded to advanced JBL audio with 15 speakers.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Redesigned Release Date

2018 Toyota 4Runner Redesigned Release, The new 4 runners are also very excellent in comfort and off-road performance, and it can be said to be a car that gets very high trust by accumulating past achievements. If you want to choose RV or SUV in the true sense, 4 runners are a recommended car.

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