2016 Toyota Hiace Review and Specs

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2016 Toyota Hiace Review and Specs

2016 Toyota Hiace Review and Specs – The 2016 Toyota HiAce has actually some added technology that had not been available prior to – like a rear-view camera – however no matter common kit, it stays the standout favourite in Australia.
It’s reasonable to say that the 2016 Toyota HiAce LWB has numerous criteria it has to deliver on and satisfy well. I make this case, given the fact that a lot of owners (or chauffeurs a lot more specifically) will certainly spend plenty of time behind the wheel running around town on delivery– or work site– duty.
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2016 Toyota Hiace Gl Grandia
You would certainly assume entering as well as out would certainly be critical then, as would certainly effectiveness, integrity, as well as manoeuvrability. I ‘d add unladen ride comfort to that list, however commercials so hardly ever get that right, at Toyota Overview we have actually nearly surrendered on that particular one. Throw in an easy to access tons space to complete the evaluating criteria as well as you have actually got a suggestion of where the HiAce should score well.
There’s no question though that HiAces obtain made use of. Viewpoint? The average Aussie punter clocks around 20,000 km each year. The majority of us who stay in urban areas will sneak rather easily under that number as well, probably closer to 15,000 kilometres. The average HiAce pilot will certainly cover more than 50,000 km per year. Right as much as the 75,000 km mark (and beyond) in many cases.

2016 Toyota Hiace Review

2016 Toyota Hiace Commuter
Making use of the term ‘pilot’ might be a bit abundant too, when you take a brief glimpse right into the 2016 HiAce‘s command centre. There really isn’t a great deal of high tech things going on. In fact, there isn’t really a great deal of anything taking place, to be honest. It’s utilitarian, to claim the least. There’s an audio system. Oh, it has Bluetooth as well, which works, to ensure that’s a nice benefit. As well as there’s a rear-view video camera– praise the Lord– that shows up in the rear-view mirror. Besides that it’s significantly circa mid-1990s up the pointy end of the HiAce. Our examination example even has three pedals as well as a hands-on gearshift. Can I suggest currently, you buy a car if you do as much driving as the ordinary HiAce proprietor?
Prices for our test model begins with $35,990 plus the common on-road prices. Ours does not have any options, so there’s nothing extra right here past just what you obtain typical for that entry price. Check out Mike’s examination of the 2015 HiAce LWB Staff Van.

2016 Toyota Hiace Engine

With the brand-new engine, the Hiace 2016 messages decent fuel economy. Proprietors of the old 2.5 liter reported 6 kilometers per litre in the city but with a far better power to weight provision, economic climate has boosted to 7.2 km/l in around town. On the freeway, we got 12.3 km/l.
2016 Toyota Hiace Specs
So has the brand-new engine breathed life right into the Super Grandia? In some ways, yes. There is even more confidence in surpassing as well as fuel economic situation has boosted. The remainder of the package is the same yet that maybe is an advantage as this van has constantly had great comments from proprietors in terms of convenience. Perhaps its not surprising that then that the 2016 Hiace Super Grandia is still the de facto king of deluxe people movers. The new Super Grandia isn’t cheap however at Php 2,105,000, just what you are paying for here is convenience, ease and also adaptability, along with a bit of deluxe. Are people willing to shell out that much for everything it needs to use? Simply take a look at our roads and the solution would be a precise yes.

2016 Toyota Hiace Interior

2016 Toyota Hiace Van Interior
The plastic floor covering must wear well and also our examination van was fitted with manufacturing facility rubber floor mats– well worth the financial investment.
On the safety and security front, the HiAce Toyota scores anti-skid brakes, security control, 2 air bags, brake help, an emergency situation quiting signal and also hill-hold aid. A four-star ANCAP rating definitely isn’t negative when it involves LCVs.
2016 Toyota Hiace Interior and Exterior
Obviously, a van could have one of the most extravagant taxicab consultations as well as the most sophisticated security features, but it counts for little if it falls down on the business front. Toyota does not price estimate an optimum haul for the HiAce however we could tell you the van on test here has a tare wait of 1750kg and also a GVM of 2800kg, offering it the ability to deal with weights up to the best part of a tonne.
It has a tons bay capacity of 6.0 cubic metres, and also a low load flooring elevation of 600mm. Our test vehicle’s tons bay had actually a bare painted steel flooring however protective MDF panelling midway up its walls and also up the top-hinge rear tailgate, while there are 2 indoor lights and six tie-down anchor factors.
2016 Toyota Hiace Review Interior
While the sliding side door opens wide and will accept a basic 2016 toyota hiace Australian pallet, yet you will not get one in the back– the top-hinge tailgate obstructs forklift gain access to and also the distance between the wheelarches is 1130mm (35mm shorter compared to the vast of a basic Aussie pallet).

2016 Toyota Hiace Exterior

Even just a look at the HiAce hints at part of its appeal. It has a cab-over-engine style– the 3.0-litre turbo-diesel exists beneath the traveler seat and the centre console– that delivers a remarkably snub-nosed offering. With the front wheels well ahead as well as a rear-drive layout, the HiAce has a superb transforming circle, while its sub-two-metre roof covering height means tight multi-storey carparks are no issue.
2016 Toyota Hiace Review
That cab-over format does have a flipside, nevertheless– the seating is high and the external footplate is forward, implying gain access to is awkward despite the aid of the A-pillar grab manage.
When behind the wheel, nonetheless, things enhance. Sure, there’s no seat-height modification so taller motorists will certainly be looking through the very top of the HiAce’s windscreen, yet you do obtain a clear view ahead over the traffic. In fact, all-round vision is good– the A-pillars typically aren’t excessively wide, the side mirrors are clear and also a turning around cam is basic. The latter’s display screen is small– it’s in the rear-view mirror– however it does offer good field of vision.
While the seat itself is fairly comfy, even with its limited change, the cockpit in general is looking quite dated. There’s little to separate the dark, tough plastic, and cabin storage space isn’t great. The exception right here is the centre console unit, which opens to reveal a beneficial storage space container. It has two cupholders and also ports for clipboards as well, yet the twin slide-out cupholder on the centre stack are placed in an even more hassle-free place.
2016 Toyota Hiace Super Grandia

2016 Toyota Hiace Review

Toyota offers a vast array of factory accessories for the 2016 Toyota HiAce, and also obviously there are any variety of aftermarket experts around willing to fit custom-made racking as required. The taxicab accessibility and also outdated interior aside, there’s little to criticise in Toyota’s HiAce. Yes, it’s generally a 13-year-old design, however there’s a flipside to that– it’s a durable, reliable as well as proven package, as well.
2016 Toyota Hiace Van
Is this version still worth the asking price given its fresh-faced competition? That’s a challenging one, as well as for fleets their better buying power absolutely plays a big role. Viewed purely as a tool to obtain a job done, it’s hard to suggest with the HiAce Toyota 2016 qualifications, yet from behind the wheel we ‘d certainly welcome a couple of even more creature conveniences.

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