2019 Toyota C-HR Price in Pakistan

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2019 Toyota C-HR Price in Pakistan – The 2018 Toyota C-HR rides high, with astonishing looks that we like (you may differ); they’re the selling point for a slow car that doesn’t offer all-wheel drive despite a crossover label. The 2019 Toyota C-HR is a small hatchback that its maker calls a crossover, despite the lack of all-wheel drive. Originally intended for the now-defunct Scion brand, it’s a well-equipped and highly stylized five-door that rides higher than most other cars of its size. The C-HR comes in just two trim levels, XLE and XLE Premium, and its sole option is a white-painted roof offered with just three of its seven body colors.

2019 Toyota C-HR Price in Pakistan
2019 Toyota C-HR Price in Pakistan

As someone who appreciates those who stand out from the crowd, I cheered the 2019 C-HR as it appeared in concept form at auto shows over the last couple of years, finally revealing its production version at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. And then it was my turn to drive this spunky little car during a Toyota-sponsored trip to Austin, Texas’ quirkiest city.

2019 Toyota C-HR Price in Pakistan

The 2019 Toyota C-HR is larger than it looks, without much power; while its handling is better than previous Toyotas, it’s slow across the board. The Toyota C-HR may be marketed as a “crossover,” but the crossover-SUV vibe ends at the higher seating position and tall proportions. The C-HR has only a single powertrain, and it delivers neither brisk acceleration nor particularly good fuel economy. Don’t even think about taking it off-road to root around on rocky trails or in muddy fields.

The 2.0-liter inline-4 puts out 144 horsepower and 139 pound-feet of torque. Power goes to the front wheels only through a continuously variable transmission (CVT), and all-wheel drive isn’t offered to U.S. buyers, although it’s available in Europe and Japan. Three drive modes are available: the default normal mode, Eco for more fuel-efficient but slower running, and Sport, which reprograms the CVT to deliver seven simulated gear ratios, along with slightly firmer steering.

2019 Toyota C-HR Interior
2019 Toyota C-HR Interior

The All New 2018 Toyota C-HR has a startling design that actually works, and the cabin is better than those of many small hatchbacks. By far the most noticeable and distinctive feature of the 2019 Toyota C-HR is its exterior design, one of the most adventurous ever to emerge from the conservative Japanese maker. If you thought the Nissan Juke took a while to digest, the C-HR will have you studying its nonstop collection of curves, slits, upkicks, and crests for days.

The interior quality suffices for a sub-$25K vehicle without feeling cut-rate or spartan. There are hard, embossed-plastic door panels, but they feel and look up to the task. While there appears to be no glovebox, the lower dash conceals a tiny latch that opens a big storage bin. The door openings both front and rear are deceptively large, and we found enough adjustment to the front seats and the tilting-and-telescoping steering wheel for a pair of six-foot-plus journalists to get comfortable, save for a little B-pillar intrusion on the wider of the two.

2019 Toyota C-HR Price and Release Date in Pakistan

Toyota has announced pricing for its new, tiny crossover, the 2019 C-HR price. The entry-level XLE trim starts at $23,460, while the more feature-packed XLE Premium begins at $25,310. Both versions will be at Toyota dealerships in April. The big bonus for C-HR comes from Toyota’s decision to equip all its cars with its Toyota Safety Sense driver assistance package, a collection of safety features using camera and radar to automatically brake before a collision and warn drivers of lane drifting. On top of that standard package, the C-HR also incorporates standard adaptive cruise control, which automatically matches the speed of slower traffic ahead, and can bring the car to a complete stop.

2019 Toyota C-HR Awd
2019 Toyota C-HR Awd

The emphasis on safety tech, and the lack of modern dashboard electronics belies the youth-orientation of the C-HR. Its looks may be risky, but the driving experience certainly is not. And given that youthful buyers may need parental help for financing, Toyota may have hit on the perfect combination of youth and responsibility.

The Toyota C-HR comes out as a 2018 model year car in two trims, XLE and XLE Premium. 2019 Toyota C-HR Pricing comes in at $22,500 for the former, $24,350 for the latter, with the car hitting dealers in April of this year. Given the extensive standard equipment for the C-HR, don’t expect to jack up the price with options.

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